Provizia Capital Limited  (“ProCap”) is a real estate investment company that is considered to be a generalist - our philosophy is as follows: "If the transaction makes good business sense, the sponsors have invested their own capital into their project and have a track record of experience we are your firm".  ProCap specializes in the financing of hotels, resorts, senior care and senior residences, multifamily and mixed-use real estate projects in the Americas.  Furthermore, ProCap offers a variety of project advisory services.  In the United States ProCap has exclusive relationships with lenders offering PACE (Property Assessment Clean Energy) bonds that are a low cost alternative to preferred equity and where applicable Historic Tax Credit bridge financing that also can be used as equity.

Internationally, ProCap acts as an Exclusive Correspondent to our investors and can provide preferred debt, equity, mezzanine, and bridge financing.

ProCap, with its investors and financial relationships provides capital to redevelop tourism destinations that were affected by the severity of past weather, financial caused by economics and pandemic conditions. ProCap can provide addon value through debt and equity participations and assist with the repositioning and rebranding of property.

ProCap is a family business that has been investing in properties internationally for the past 25 years.  ProCap’s investors began as a real estate investment company with its roots in Canada, America, and Western Europe.

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