Provizia Capital Limited (“ProCap”), a Real Estate Investment Company providing competitive debt capital for global real estate and energy businesses. ProCap has offices and affiliates in America, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, and Brazil. ProCap has a 25-year record of successful investments. ProCap is not a Broker Dealer, we are a private family investment company that manages family assets and capital derived from those assets. Our equity is derived from private investment relationships. Our highly creative team of investment bankers, lawyers, and business entrepreneurs lend special expertise to provide our clients with the ability to perform successfully.

ProCap uses the latest in technology to anaylsis and perform a preliminary underwriting of a loan request. In general, we can respond as to our interest within 3 business days. ProCap has a transparent process that works well for brokers and borrowers. ProCap will update Brokers and Clients by email, voice, or video conference weekly.

ProCap has built a network local and global market relationships that can assist our investment team is resolving complex financial and commercial real estate issues.  ProCap has extensive experience completing diverse and complex transactions.  Our investment team and our investor member professionals have extensive experience in areas such as commercial real estate development, finance, capital advisory, and strategic planning.  ProCap’s Debt Finance professionals deliver comprehensive solutions to your financing needs. Our highly experienced professionals provide our domestic and international clients unsurpassed, customized capital solutions for mixed use, multifamily, hotels and resorts, healthcare, and senior housing.  ProCap uses sophisticated FINTECH systems to analyse data to achieve the best possible transaction structure with amicable rates and terms.

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